Wrongful Termination Attorneys Los Angeles

Even though a lot of people who are fired from their job simply feel the dismissal was “wrongful” (particularly if this was carried out without a reason), what “wrongful termination” means in the law is very specific.

A definition of “wrongful termination” in the law is to be sent away for an illegal cause, which may be associated with violation of federal anti-discrimination laws or even a violation of employment contract. The law frowns at it when an employer fire their employee because of their gender, their race, their ethnic background, their religion, or even disability.

Additionally, it is against the law to fire a worker because they made a legal complaint against their employers, or because they made known the employer’s wrongdoing as a whistle blower. An employer who fires their employees because of such things have their actions being considered as ‘retaliation’ – which is against the law and unlawful.

Wrongful Termination In Los Angeles

When talking about ‘wrongful termination’ at large, we need know that there are lots of things being linked with it. First of all, an employee need to have knowledge of such things as “at-will” employment. What this means is that an employer have the freedom to send away their employees when they want and for no particular reason.

It should be noted that in California, most employments is by default considered ‘at-will’. However, as with other states, there are exceptions. The exception is when an employer fired their employees for illegal reasons like retaliation and discrimination, or when it violates an employment contract.

Therefore, the best way to go about things is to work closely with a wrongful termination attorney in Los Angeles from Rushovich Mehtani LLP.

By working with such professionals that are vast in the law, one will get to know more about such things as ‘at-will’ employments and other things associated with wrongful termination. One will also be guided on how best to file a claim against an employer.

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