The Law Office of David A. Martin & Associates

The lawyers of the Law Office of David A. Martin & Associates deal in Sacramento family law and thus also constantly with the topic divorce. The Law Office of David A. Martin & Associates has now for several years the specialist lawyer divorce law firm in Sacramento, which she has provided by proof of specific expertise and practical experience. While divorce is only one part of family law, it often goes along with issues from other areas. Therefore, it can only be considered isolated in the fewest cases, namely, when all other essential issues that shape marital coexistence are clarified. These questions concern, for example, the custody of the children, the maintenance right, the division of the household and the assets. That's why in Sacramento we attach great importance to providing holistic advice and finding the most favorable solution for the client. What is the prerequisite for getting a divorce? To get a divorce, the spouses have to live apart for at least one year – that's the law. If you have been living in different flats for one year and lead an independent life, the requirement of separation is easily met. The practice in Sacramento, however, shows that the spouses live a long time in a shared apartment. But even here, the separated life can be given. This is the case when they lead an independent life despite the proximity; that is, they do not cook for each other nor do they sleep in a bed, they also speak of "separated from the table and the bed". The judge depends largely on the fact that at least one spouse is no longer willing to establish the domestic community.

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