Spousal Support Attorneys Near Los Angeles

Spousal support is talked about often. You hear people on television talk about how “I’ll just leave you and get half of what’s yours.” This is not always the case. The common misconception about spousal support in Los Angeles is that if you were married and then you divorce that you are automatically entitled to half of what your spouse has, especially in alimony. This is not the case in most situations. Spousal support is a little more complicated than that, and not everyone gets spousal support. If you believe you are entitled to some sort of alimony but are not sure, call Whitmarsh Family Law a family law firm in Los Angeles. They will help you do some basic calculations to see if you would be someone who qualifies for spousal support, and if you do then they will represent you in such a case.


Spousal support is determined by a few factors. The first factor that your spousal support attorney Los Angeles will look into is how long your marriage lasted. The length of the marriage is going to help determine eligibility of spousal support because if you were not married for at least five years, then your likelihood of being granted spousal support is low. Other factors are who was making more money during the marriage, were you not working and your spouse supported both of you? These are all different factors that will go into determining if you get spousal support or not, as well as how much you could expect and for how long. Not often is lifetime alimony granted.

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