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The line between sex and sex trafficking is sometimes very unclear. This article will break down the various sex offenses, explain how sex trafficking factors into these criminal charges and share some examples of sex crime cases where sex trafficking has been challenged as a legal defense to sexual exploitation.

US sex trafficking laws


In recent years, sex trafficking has been making headlines. To help combat sex trafficking, Congress passed a number of anti-trafficking laws to prohibit sex trafficking and provide victims with the legal protection they need. Two federal sex traf?cking laws are:

1) Travel Act – prohibits any interstate or foreign travel with the intent to promote or engage in sex traf?cking; and

2) Mann Act – prohibits any interstate or foreign commerce transport of a person for prostitution or other sex acts.

These laws carry stiff penalties for sex crimes that involve sex trafficking. Under the Travel Act, defendants convicted of sex traf?cking face up to 30 years of prison. Under the Mann Act, sex offenses attorneys Wilmington are punishable by at least ten years in prison if sex traf?cking is intended to transport a child across state lines.

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Common sex charges that sex trafficking attorneys handle


Sex traf?cking charges often stem from sex offenses that are not sex traf?cking charges on their own. For example, a sex offense charge is a sex with a minor, which does not necessarily involve sex trafficking. However, if the minor was brought across state lines for sex or forced to have sex, sex trafficking charges can be added.

Another example is sex with a minor by a teacher who brings the child across state lines for sex. If enhancement factors exist, such as transporting a child across states lines and force, then sex traf?cking charges may apply.

In addition to sex offenses, sex traf?cking charges may stem from sex with minors if any of the following exist:

· sex trafficking by force, coercion, or extortion;

· sex trafficking involving aggravated sexual abuse; and

· sex trafficking against children.

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