Real Estate Litigation In Encino

Real estate, regardless of whether it is owned by a natural person or is part of the company's assets, is virtually always a property of significant value. It is their value that makes them often the source of all sorts of conflicts. The intensity of disputes increases with the number of transactions on the real estate market. Law Offices of Steven J. Horn are a business law firm in Encino, CA.


Also, the constantly growing number of investment processes being carried out, a large part of which involves the use of real estate, is the cause of conflicts between participants in such a process. Although we try to advise clients so as to minimize the risk of a dispute at the stage of preparation of contracts, unfortunately it can not always be avoided. Be smart, hire an Encino real estate litigation lawyer.


Specializing in Encino transaction advisory on the real estate market and in supporting investment and construction processes, they also offer full legal support in the area of: disputes arising as part of the investment and construction process (most often in the configuration: investor – general contractor-subcontractor) disputes related to concluded property sale agreements, including conditional or preliminary agreements disputes on the basis of rental and lease agreements concluded in the process of surface commercialization

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