Premises Liability Lawyer in Sutter Creek

A premises liability claim could be you slipping and falling at a store, but there are actually other ways you could need a premises liability lawyer Sutter Creek. You could be injured on the premises of a business or residential. If there was a building or flooring defect it could be considered a premises lability in Sutter Creek. If a deck or balcony collapses, if there is toxic mold at a business or a residential area this could also be a case of a premises liability.


Redkey Gordon Law Corp are a Sutter Creek personal injury law firm. They will help you prove that the Sutter Creek property owner had some sort of negligence. If you are unable to prove this, then you have no case. You have to prove that there were dangerous conditions for the area that you were in at the time you were there. Be sure to take pictures of the scene.

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