Personal injury refers to the tort branch law covering damage or wrong doing done to a person, his property, reputation and even their rights. This damage can happen at a traffic accident, work places, due to faulty repair or a product, mistakes that might arise during medical treatment etc. Though the injury can be psychological or physical, it must be as a result of unsafe actions of one’s doctor, employer, an organization or a person owing a duty of ordinary care and also negligence. Some of examples of personal injury law causes of action are trespass, wrongful birth, nuisance, wrongful death and also professional malpractice.

Jonathan M. Friedman is a law firm in Portland which represents clients in cases of wrongful death, personal law and any other matters of civil litigation including sex abuse, liability of premises and products, pedestrian, vehicle or bicycle collision cases. The firm practices in other areas such as in embezzlement cases, theft in trade secrets, when fiduciary duty is breached and misconduct of professionals

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