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Not paying attention and it crashes when parking in the parking lot. An inattentively opened door and the neighbor has a small bump in the side. Small bumps and scratches happen daily on Boise roads and parking lots. At first glance, there is often no or only a small optical damage to the vehicles involved.


Only: For the layman is hardly visible, whether it has come to damage in the internal structure of a vehicle. Even professionals now have difficulty detecting damage on the fly. You can get a Boise personal injury lawyer from Hepworth Holzer, LLP Often, for example, the bumpers of newer cars are no longer rigidly mounted, but give in an accident to absorb the energy of the impact. After the accident, the bumpers move back to their original position and with the exception of a small scratch, no damage is evident. Whether and to what extent the internal structure has been damaged is not apparent to the driver.

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