Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents have the potential to be quite dangerous because victims of these incidents are not expecting them, and are therefore sometimes unable to react quickly enough to prevent serious injury from occurring. Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere — especially in the places you least expect them. Household slip and fall accidents can be particularly hazardous if you are seriously injured and cannot help yourself because it may be a long while before someone else finds you. In public areas, help may be more readily available.

Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

There are a number of causes of slip and fall accidents, including anything from slick floors to unusual obstacles in pedestrian areas. In order to best protect yourself against these incidents, take care to complete the following preventative measures:

· Wear shoes with good grip on their soles
· Ensure that your home has good lighting so that you and your guests can easily see the walkway or floor
· Use the handrails of stairs when climbing up or down them
· Don’t wax your floors
· Cover particularly slippery floors with rugs that are properly secured
· Report uneven or broken sidewalks
· Keep yourself in good shape so that you can easily support yourself even on slick or uneven surfaces

If you follow the above recommendations, then you can easily protect yourself against dangerous slip and fall situations.

Premises Liability

By understanding the legal concept of premises liability, one can easily determine whether or not a slip and fall situation may necessitate a lawsuit against the responsible party.

Premises liability states that the people in charge of or responsible for a piece of property have a duty of care to uphold regarding the safety of any visitors to the area. Premises liability and a reasonable duty of care apply to invitees to the premises. Licensees and trespassers are not entitled to the same duty of care as invitees, although many states are considering people who have a legal right to be on the property (not trespassers) as covered by premises liability.

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