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It is worth noting that only one of the parents or legal guardians may use these rights. Law Office of Landon C. Villavaso are an Orange County based family law firm. Days off for caring for a child are available at the request of a parent or guardian – however, the decision on granting leave is on the employer's side. An employee is entitled to an exemption related to taking care of a child at a time of two days or twice after one day. There is also no obstacle for the employee to take advantage of this dismissal directly after another absence from work, for example after a vacation leave. Childcare – who will receive extra free? It is worth knowing that two days of childcare allowance are due regardless of the length of service, the type of employment contract and the employee's working time. The employee is entitled to this exemption in the calendar year in which he has acquired the right, therefore if the employee did not use the child-care leave, he loses his right to it. In contrast to holiday leave, an employee can not claim an exemption from the employer in the event of not using the exemption in a given year. Deprivation of parental rights results in the employee's loss of the right to benefit from the childcare allowance but with child custody law firm in Orange County you will get more benefits.

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