Las Cruces Brain Injury Lawyer

Brain injuries can occur because of personal injury accidents. In fact they happen more often than they should. In Las Cruces many brain injuries come from car, truck, bicycle, pedestrian, and even slip and fall accidents. If someone is violent against you and gives you a brain injury that is also a personal injury claim that you can file. Brain injury medical bills can add up quickly. Your brain is also one of your most vital organs, and any damage done to it can affect your life. You can lose function and not be quite yourself anymore. Hiring a Las Cruces brain injury lawyer can be of great help in getting full compensation. You will want to make sure you get compensation for future medical bills as well, if your brain injury seems to be a lifelong injury.


If you were involved in any accident it is important to see a doctor to see if you have a brain injury. The next step would be to assess how bad the brain injury is. The sooner you can treat a brain injury the better off you can be. After a brain injury there is a chance that your memory is foggy, or that holding conversations is hard, or that you are having a hard time understanding some things. Insurance companies try to take advantage of people who don’t have brain injuries, so they can try to downplay your injury and give you less money. Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A. are a personal injury law firm in Las Cruces who will make sure that they don’t do that to you. They will handle the insurance company and do all the negotiating.

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