Hiring a Top Costa Mesa Paternity Lawyer

If you have questions about paternity, you should speak with a Costa Mesa paternity lawyer. Paternity establishes the legal father of a child, and it is important for many reasons. If you are the father, paternity gives you the right to seek child custody and visitation, and it also provides certain benefits to your child. If you are the mother, paternity establishes child support rights and responsibilities.


Paternity can be established in several ways. The most common is through DNA testing, which can be done before or after a child is born. Paternity can also be established through a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity, which is signed by both the mother and the father. Finally, paternity can be established through a court order in Costa Mesa.


If you need help establishing paternity, or if you have any other questions about family law, please contact California Family Law Firm, APC a Costa Mesa family law firm. Their experienced paternity lawyers can help you understand your rights and options, and they will fight to protect your interests. Call them today to schedule a free consultation.


When would you need to hire a paternity lawyer?


There are many situations in which you might need to hire a paternity lawyer. If you are the father and you want to establish your parental rights, or if you are the mother and you want to establish child support, you will need to speak with a paternity lawyer. Paternity can also be relevant in custody and visitation disputes, as well as in adoption cases.

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