A litigation is a process that involves taking action against an opposing party in a court of law. Employment litigation, therefore, is a legal action against an employee or employer. A Seattle employment litigation lawyer will defend both employees and employers against several law suits filed against the or represent them as defendants. Some of the claims filed by employees needing the attention of an employment litigation lawyer are at an EEOC level (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). The most common cases represented include racial discrimination in company, gender discrimination, religious discrimination and sexual harassment.
One of the most popular employment litigation firms in Seattle is Chung, Malhas & Mantel. They specialize in other forms of litigation processes as well. However, in this case of employment litigation, the firm understands the needs of their clients. They will work hand in hand with the client to ensure they produce the best strategy that will the client’s rights and produce the best results. Employee and employers face different sets of rules. Employers face more complicated rules than employees which may put them at a greater disadvantage. The firm will devise the best way to settle the dispute preventing any harm to the client’s business. Needless to say, Chung, Malhas & Mantel is a firm that puts the client first through their personal approach.
There are several other legal firms that handle employment litigation. A little research and recommendation may help you find the location for the best legal representation. The internet is filled with numerous firms in Seattle that handle cases such as employment litigation. Therefore, should you ever feel like your company wronged you in any way or you are facing serious allegations from some employees, find the best employment litigation lawyer in town that will guarantee you get the justice you deserve.

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