DUI Defense in Washington, D.C.

Having to deal with a DUI or DWI charge is a difficult situation to be in. In order to move forward with your life you will need a lawyer to help represent you in front of a judge. One of the first things to do is hire the best defense attorney to represent you. In Washington, D.C., Lotze Mosley LLP has the experience to help you through your criminal defense case.
There are many sentences that can be handed down to those convicted of drinking and driving. Each state has different laws regarding DUI and it is imperative that you find the best lawyer in town that can help you understand the laws in your state.

It is best to choose a defense lawyer very carefully or you might have to face a sentence unduly harsh for the crime. If you have been arrested for DUI or DWI in Washington, D.C. contact the lawyers at Lotze Mosley LLP. They will be there for you during this difficult time.

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