Domestic Violence Lawyer in Los Angeles

If you were or if you are the victim of domestic abuse you may need to seek some legal guidance. Los Angeles domestic violence lawyers are there to defend those who have been the victim. When you are a victim of domestic violence it means you were abused in some way by someone you were close to, or someone who you trusted. If someone harmed you or intended to harm you, hiring a lawyer may be your best option. Whitmarsh Family Law are a family law firm in Los Angeles who want to help people who have been in a hopeless state. You may feel as though you could never leave, that the abuse will never stop, but once you get help you have a chance at a new future, a future that looks brighter for you.


The most common cases of domestic violence is physical abuse. Physical abuse against the pets you have can also be considered grounds for domestic violence. Whitmarsh Family Law will represent you if you are being abused mentally, physically, verbally, or if someone is not allowing you your freedoms. One aspect of family law that can really be helpful in these kinds of situations is to get a restraining order. This order can help you get some peace of mind back. Your Los Angeles lawyer will be helpful in getting this restraining order in place. Even if you do not qualify for a restraining order you do still have other legal options, and it is best to speak to a lawyer about what they are.

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