Do You Understand The Disability Claims Process? Here is How to go About it in California

The US Social Security Administration runs each disability program. The disability claims process involves understanding how the system works and what is required of you plus the response you need to give when certain legal twists occur.

First, you have to file the claim. According to statistics conducted in the state of California, it was found that the chances of succeeding in a disability claims process lies at 31%.

However, failing in the first application does not mean the end to the claim. The first appeal can be made, and those who go through this have 17% success rate.

Finally, you can place a second appeal, where the chances of succeeding is 50%. Given the wait time for a response after application, which is around 330 days, it is easy to see why many people do not appeal after they fail in the first application.

Law firms can help simplify the process, and firms such as Eldessouky Law have experts in disability discrimination in Los Angeles.

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