Divorce is dealt with under family law and it has the effect of terminating an existing marriage where the spouses therein are irreconcilable and have decided to divorce each other. Divorce in Santa Babara is treated as a civil matter and is initiated by filing court petition praying for the termination of a marriage.

Ideally a divorce petition is only filed by one party to the marriage pending termination and the said petition is accompanied by filing various summons and forms that may be confusing. It then follows that it is prudent to have legal assistance and representation of the a law firm when filing a divorce petition.

A divorce petition has the effect of determining spousal maintenance, child support and custody issues. A petitioner is obliged to do a service intimating the existence of a preliminary disclosure relating to finance. The law firm of McCleary H Sanborn is located in Santa Barbara and it effectively and diligently assists clients with respect to the foregoing.

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