Child Support Lawyer in Los Angeles

Whitmarsh Family Law, PC specializes in child support law firm in Los Angeles. This recognized Los Angeles child support lawyers gives you all his professional advice on family matters and more specifically on your rights and duties regarding alimony.


Once the parents are separated or divorced, they may encounter various family management difficulties, such as the habitual residence of the children, the distribution of parental authority or alimony. Their firm helps you better understand the new rights and duties that belong to you. What is child support? Alimony is a payment of periodic money to support a non-autonomous person, in fulfillment of a maintenance obligation. Alimony is a right granted in most cases of divorces. Who can get support? In family cases and more specifically in a divorce, alimony is paid in two cases: From one parent to another From parents to the child.  Whitmarsh Family Law, PC is a family law firm located in Los Angeles.


"Parents have a legal obligation to feed, maintain and raise their children. According to the civil code. The parent with whom the child does not reside is obliged to pay the other parent alimony, to provide for the child. Contact us for all the information about your family situation. How much for my child support? In the case of a divorce by mutual consent, the amount of support is determined by both parents. However, this amount may be increased by family lawyers and judges in the interest of the child. In the other cases of divorce, the value of the alimony is negotiated by the lawyers of the family of each party and fixed by the judge of the family affairs, according to criteria:

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