An Alimony Lawyer in Los Angeles

When you get a divorce one thing that the courts look at to determine alimony is how long you were actually married. It is not likely that you and your soon to be ex-spouse will be able to come up with an alimony number that works for both of you on your own. Odds are there will be some disagreements, fights, and misunderstandings. It is likely that you will need to hire a Los Angeles alimony lawyer to reach an agreement. When you have a lawyer helping you and your ex come to terms on your alimony it is less optional and more reasonable in terms of the matter.


It is important to have a Los Angeles lawyer that you can trust, someone who you know will have your best legal interest at heart. Whitmarsh Family Law, PC are a family law firm based in Los Angeles, California who are dedicated to helping families in need of legal assistance. They have helped hundreds of people in their family law cases whether it be a spousal support case, divorce, or a prenuptial agreement they can handle it all. You can be fully confident in your choice of attorney when you hire Whitmarsh Family Law, PC.

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