Accident Attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada

A Las Vegas accident attorney can handle an array of cases. They can help you capture a big winning for your case. These attorneys have helped people all over the Las Vegas area with wrongful death cases, dog bite cases, medical malpractice, auto accident, motorcycle accident, spinal cord injury, brain injury, and even truck accident cases.


Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith are a Las Vegas accident law firm that have been there for the people of Las Vegas for years. They have dedication to helping those in their community getting the settlements they deserve. They understand that no one asks to be involved in an accident and no one purposely tries to get in one, that’s why they are called accidents. A major accident can cause some intense injuries that will need a lot of funds to cover. Not everyone has a large amount of cash in their savings to take care of unexpected medical bills. This is where Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith comes in. Their job is to help you get the finances from the other party and your insurance companies to pay for these unexpected costs.

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