Accident Attorney in Albuquerque

In 2014 , 2,406,685 traffic accidents were recorded by police. This means that around 6,494 accidents occurred each day of 2014 . As often as the police were called. But is it permissible to handle an accident without police? In the following, this question will be briefly discussed . Calling the police after an accident is not one of the first emergency measures . It is more important to secure the accident site and to make the emergency call. In addition, injured people must be cared for by first aid measures as much as possible before you report the accident to the police . Note: In a traffic accident, the needs of injured always happen! Only when these are supplied, the police must report the accident. Caruso Law Offices P.C. are an Albuquerque accident law firm.


In a serious traffic accident involving serious personal injury, it is even duty of the driver to call the police after the accident in Albuquerque. This has not least insurance reasons . Accident recording – That's why you should call the police in an accident The liability insurance of the accident participants are, of course, interested in a precise accident report , on the basis of which later compensation claims are calculated. Hire an Albuquerque accident attorney to help your case. But even for the collection of compensation , if you have injured, the determination of the cause of the accident is crucial. After an accident, the police have the task of carrying out a traffic accident . This is done according to a certain pattern and always has the goal of being able to create a reconstruction of the collision process that is as exact as possible .

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